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My Garden of Passions

I recently found myself being asked to compose melodies for the works of some of my poet friends, for the premieres they were holding on the publication of their books.
I felt just as I did in my Tel Aviv period, when I participated in poetry readings produced by Galei Zahal radio station, and the theaters that existed in the 1980's and 1990's.
I added few songs from earlier periods and recorded the 17 songs on this disc.
The arrangements were written by myself, together with musical producer Yair Stavi.
I was honored to work with the talented vocalists who enrich these songs with their voices:
Nurit Galron, Sassi Keshet, Roni Ginosar, Momi Levy, Reut Yehudai, Liron Peled, Ayelet Rose-Gotlieb, Rhea Livnat and my daughter, Stav German.
And with these wonderful musicians:
Nitzan Ein-Habar: Saxophones, flute, clarinet
Avi Singolda: Guitars
Gadi Seri: Percussion instruments
Yael Feldheim: Harmonica
Yair Stavi: Keyboards
This disc was granted the support of the Acum (authors composers and music publishers society) Fund for Encouragement of Musical Creators and their works. Acum is a non-profit corporation.

1. The Little Boy Returns
2. Tender Woman
3. Don't Give Up On Me – Fragile
4. I am Sad
5. Didn't We Know
6. My Mother Baked the World For Me
7. Bouquet of Words
8. Taste
9. Now
10. What I Have To Say To You Until Next Time
11. Separation
12. My Blue Piano
13. Her Stormy Seas, His Still Waters
14. Being 40
15. Woman in a Saildress
16. Citrus Fragrance is Gone
17. If I had 100 hats

My Garden of Passions
Price: 50 shekels

Full songs
The Little Boy Returns

Don't Give Up On Me – Fragile

Didn't We Know


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