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Ba-ba in the world

Songs and tunes for toddlers.
The music is intended for musical activity with children (both in nursery school and at home).

1. A song of Peace
2. Dubi-Dubi
3. Israeli dance
4. Who is coming?
5. Junga junga (African)
6. Song for Hanukka
7. Song for Hanukka (without words)
8. Tari- Tari (Balkan)
9. Desert home (Israeli)
10. The automobile (jazz)
11. Elephants and birds
12. In the palace (baroque)
13. La-la bossa
14. Belly dancing (Oriental)
15. Sail, ship
16. Playing music (Hassidic)
17. Road #6 (country)
18. Cuckoo
19. Dom-dom la-la ti-ti-ta
20. Wind and rain
21. In the blue sea
22. Ba ba samba
23. A song of peace (in various languages)

Ba-ba in the world
Price: 40 shekels

Full songs

Junga junga (African)

Wind and rain

A song of peace (in various languages)

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