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Little words

Little words is a project of brief pieces integrating gentle music suited for toddlers, and the first words they might say. The words describe: family members, toys, different objects, clothing, food, animals and more. The last few pieces are dedicated to the end of the day, to a kiss and a hug.

The music was composed by Yael German for her daughter, Stav, when she was a year-and-a-half old and began to chatter. Stav would put her ear near the speaker on the living room floor and "hunt" for the words she knew – She would repeat the words as soon as she heard them.

1. Mommy, Daddy, Grandfather, Grandmother
2. Head, hand, foot, bum, tummy
3. Eye, ear, nose, mouth
4. Yes, no
5. Doll, block, ball, swing
6. Clock, television, computer, telephone
7. Book, story, song, drawing
8. Auto, train, bicycle, plane, ship
9. Flower, tree, cloud, sun
10. Water
11. Dog, cat, cow, horse, bird
12. Bear, elephant, monkey, turtle, butterfly
13. Banana, apple, orange
14. Tomato, cucumber, carrot, lemon
15. Milk, egg, cheese, bread, ice cream
16. Red, green, yellow, blue
17. One, two, three
18. Open, close
19. To sit, to get up
20. Thank you, please
21. Rain, wind
22. Sea, waves, sand, sailboat
23. Shirt, pants, socks, shoes, hat
24. Light, darkness
25. Clean, dirty
26. Bathtub, water, soap, towel
27. Bed, blanket, pillow, pacifier
28. Good morning, good night
29. Goodbye, see you later, hug, kiss

Little words
Price: 30 shekels

Full songs:
Mommy, Daddy, Grandfather, Grandmother

Doll, block, ball, swing

One, two, three

Red, green, yellow, blue

Goodbye, see you later, hug, kiss

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