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where will you fly to?

The disc "where will you fly to?" contains 14 songs that Yael composed to her own lyrics and to those of Rachel Shapira, Hamutal Ben-Zeev, Avraham Halfi, Nurit Galron, Hava Yaakover and others.

Among the vocalists, we can hear Iris Portugali, Momi Levy, Sivan (from the group Subliminal), Vered Gover and others. In addition, Yael performs two of her own songs.
1. What's upLyrics: Hamutal Ben-Zeev Vocals: Sivan
2. Little girl, where will you fly to?Lyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Shani Shik
3. A bird in the forestLyrics: Avraham Halfi Vocals: Iris Portugali
4. You and timeLyrics: Nurit Galron Vocals: Vered Gover
5. In the day and at nightLyrics: Yael German Vocals: Momi Levy
6. With shortened hairLyrics: Rachel Shapira Vocals: Limor Oved
7. Only two peopleLyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Yael German
8. A song for youLyrics: Ohad Noi Vocals: Momi Levy
9. Broken telephoneVocals: Shani Shik
10. Mother and daughterLyrics: Yael German Vocals: Yael German
11. My little girlLyrics: Ehud Noi Vocals: Vered Gover
12. Between the comma and the periodLyrics: Gilad Banari Vocals: Ofer Kalaf
13. Because of you, childLyrics: Shlomit Cohen-Asif Vocals: Limor Oved
14. Song to a childhood friendLyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Verek Gover & Stav Rachman-German
15. A bird in the forest (shortened version)Lyrics: Avraham Halfi Vocals: Iris Portugali

where will you fly to?
מחיר: 40 ש"ח

Full songs:
Little girl, where will you fly to?

In the day and in the night

Song for a childhood friend

A bird in the forest

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