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Woman of Ice, Woman of Fire

In the year 2000, Yael produced and released a disc with songs she had composed during various periods. Some of the songs were written especially for this disc. On her decision to produce this disc, Yael says: "It isn't customary for musicians who create songs to produce a disc, unless they also perform them. I felt that my inability to perform the songs was limiting me to the decisions of singers, record companies and producers, and in order to attain independence in my creativity, I decided to record my songs my own way and to provide them with the best possible arrangements in a manner that felt the most right to me.

"To my delight, both the vocalists and musicians enjoyed their encounter with the material and they enriched the songs, each with his/her own talent and style."

The songs are performed by various vocalists: Nurit Galron, Iris Portugali, Momi Levy, Anat Kedem, Sharona Nastovich, Vered Gover, Ilan Vyal, Stav Rachman and Yael German.

Israel's top musicians have participated in the musical accompaniment:

  • Saxophones, clarinet and flute: Nitzan Ein-Havar
  • Guitars: Avi Singolda
  • Bass: Arieh Walnich
  • Drums and percussion: Yaki Levy, Ran Vered, Oren Balban
  • Piano, accordion and keyboards: Yaron Gotfried
  • Musical producer: Yaron Gotfried

1. And when Tamuz Arrives Lyrics: Hamutal Ben-Zeev Vocals: Vered Gover
2.   Sides Lyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Vered Gover
3.   Come to me Lyrics: Ronit Weiss Vocals: Nurit Galron
4. We were born from a handful of love Lyrics: Yonatan Gefen Vocals: Momi Levy
5.   A man goes for a walk Suzie Rosk-Asharov Vocals: Momi Levy
6. Woman of ice, woman of fire Lyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Iris Portugali
7.   Go now Danny Minister & Iris Portugali Vocals: Iris Portugali
8.   Threads of reality Lyrics: Hava Yaakover Vocals: Anat Kedem
9.   And how am I? Lyrics: Hamutal Ben-Zeev Vocals: Anat Kedem
10. If you open your coat Lyrics: Yehuda Amihai Vocals: Ilan Wyal
11.   Last love Lyrics: Ehud Manor Vocals: Sharona Nastovich
12.   A woman as a woman Lyrics: Yonatan Ratush Vocals: Sharona Nastovich
13. Come – a song in a letter Lyrics: Hamutal Ben-Zeev Vocals: Stav Rachman & Yael German

Woman of Ice, Woman of Fire
Price: 40 shekels

Full songs:
And when Tamuz arrives

We were born from a handful of love

Woman of ice, woman of fire

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