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Yael German is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Academy of Music and a student of composers Zvi Avni and Yizhak Sadai.

Her compositions were published for the first time when one of Israel's leading singers, Nurit Galron, came out with her first disc , which was met with great success. Nurit continues to perform Yael's songs at her concerts .

Shoshana Damari, a veteran singer who arrived in Israel from Yemen and who has appeared on the world's largest stages, sings two of Yael's songs on her 1988 disc 'Or" (Light). These songs were especially adapted to Shoshana Damari's distinct singing style and combine motifs of Eastern Oriental music .

Yael has composed music for many theatrical plays, both for children and for adults. In 1980, the music she wrote for a play called "Beresheet", was presented within the framework of Akko's theater festival, to much acclaim. In fact, Yael was awarded the Festival's prize for best music of the year, with great honors.

In 1991, Yael was awarded the Golden Feather by Akum (the Composers, Writers and Publishers Association) for a series of songs she composed to the poetry of Else Lasker-Schüler, a Jewish poet who lived and worked in Berlin and who immigrated to Israel when the Nazi Party came to power. Her poems were translated into Hebrew by Yehuda Amichai.

The poems were put to music in the leider style and were performed by soprano Elinoar Moav. On their reasons for granting Yael the prize, the judges wrote: "Yael German, as usual, attains a precise and perfect match between her music and the lyrics."

In the year 2000, Yael came out with her disc "Woman of Ice, Woman of Fire", which includes 13 songs of her own composition. In 2005, the disc "where will you fly to?" was released, including 14 songs. On both discs, the songs are performed by various artists, and Yael, herself, also performs some of the pieces.

 A bird in the woods

 Maybe tomorrow

 To her

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